Dedy Homestay - The Worst Home Stay at Bali EVER!

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I just had the worst experience that almost ruined my mood for the rest of my holidays by this "Dedy Homestay".We booked 3 of their rooms in advance by phone and I paid Rp.500.000 as the down payment.

When we arrived at Bali, the owner took us to the hotel. Then he said that he got no rooms for us (so why bother to booked it before? -_-") then promised to move us to better rooms when there were available rooms and gave us a deserted rooms (which he said was his sister's) with an army of mosquitos in it. Then we asked about the tour facility where they have no planning for the destinations and asked us to decide ourselves (we have no idea about where to go at Bali that time), and we didn't confirm anything that night.

The next day, we booked another tour from a brochure which already got destinations and schedule and it only costed us Rp350.000 for the car including the driver and the gas (which mean we don't have to pay for the gas anymore). But when we were about to have breakfast (which was served barely warm or downright cold. And they have nothing left for breakfast after 8-9 AM), they suddenly say that they've rent a car for us and asked us to pay for it even if we didn't use it. They costed us Rp450.000 for the car excluding the driver and the gas.

After a little argument with the owner, he said that he'll paid for the car due to his mistake by booking it without our confirmation we finally able to go with the tour we choose ourselves. After travelling all day, we went back to our rooms and found it still messy and dirty. They didn't give us any room service or even a room cleaning service. We got disappointed and decided to check out in the morning.

When we were checking out, the owner cost us Rp2.350.000 (Rp2.100.000 for the rooms 2 days, Rp150.000 for the transport from the airport to the hotel and to a nearby restaurant, and Rp100.000 for an extra bed). After we realized that I've paid Rp500.000 as down payment before, we counted it again and we're actually paying Rp2.850.000 (which mean we're also paying for the rent car we didn't use). We tried to called and asked the owner to give back our Rp500.000 he refused and made things complicated and even said that we actually have to pay Rp.3.850.000 (he is insane). This hotel is maybe the worst hotel in Bali ever.

The owner is NOT honest, NO room service, NO breakfast, and even lied that the transport from the airport to the hotel is FREE.Avoid this "Dedy Homestay" at all costs!

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